"Sachiyo Ito, an expressive and powerful performer, is, at the same time, touchingly delicate."

The Village Voice

“Ito has achieved mastery of [traditional] forms, absorbing the necessary discipline and techniques. Ito was a model of control and refinement.”

Dance Magazine

"Miss Ito appeared to mix styles, combining Japanese formality with the fluidity of western modern dance. Movements were delicate and it seemed as if Miss Ito were about to dissolve into mist with each step."

The New York Times

"Sachiyo Ito is a graceful dancer/choreographer/teacher of quiet power."

Attitude Winter 2002

"Sachiyo Ito has a rare understanding of the culture of her country, and she is able to intrigue and enchant with her knowledge and her artistry"

Dance Perspectives

In 2011 our dance company, Sachiyo Ito & Company celebrated over 30 years of Dedication to Promoting and Exploring Japanese Arts and Culture.

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Sun, Nov 12, 2017
2:00 pm 
Queens Library in Flushing, Main Street
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Performance of Japanese Classical Dance at Queens Library in Flushing, Main Street

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Sachiyo Ito and Company will present beautiful Japanese classical dances, including 19th century Kabuki dance. To familiarize the audience with Kabuki, Ms. Ito will offer a demonstration of various styles of walk by characters in Kabuki plays and the use of stage props such as a dance fan. A work choreographed by Sachiyo Ito in classical dance style will also be presented.

Free Admission


Led by Sachiyo Ito with 45 years of teaching experience, Sachiyo Ito & Company is offering beginner group classes starting this fall beginning on September 13, in downtown and Chelsea locations. Learn graceful Japanese classical dance, use of dance fans, repertoire of Kabuki dance, how to dress in kimono, the culture and traditions of Japan. Advanced and private lessons are also available.

Anahid Sofian Studio 29 West 15th St NYC
SIAC Chelsea studio 405 West 23rd St NYC

Wednesdays from September 13 10:30am-11:30am (Sofian Studio)
Thursdays from September 14 5pm-6pm、6-7pm(SIAC Studio)

Class Fee
$100 (advance payment for 5 classes)

You can choose any time that suits your schedule among 3 classes/week.

Rental Option for Practice wear of Yukata/obi

Deadline for September group class is 9/12. For joining afterwards, please register by 15th of each month.

Information/registration: sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com/212-627-0265

「今秋グル-プレッスン新規開設 : 初心者の為の日本舞踊教室:優雅な貴方を磨き上げませんか?そしてコアマッスルも!」
伊藤さちよ舞踊団 (主宰・藤間さちよ)はグル-プで楽しく踊りながら、着付けも学び、しとやかな優しい動きを身に着ける事を目指した新しい舞踊教室を開きます。





お稽古場: Anahid Sofian Studio 29West 15th Street, NYC;

伊藤さちよ舞踊団: SIAC Studio 405West 23rd Street, NYC

毎週水曜日 開始日:9月13日10:30am-11:30am (Sofian Studio)
毎週木曜日 開始日9月14日 5pm-6pm、6-7pm(SIAC Studio)

お稽古料金:$100 5回分クラス代前払い 
申込み締切:9月12日 9月グループ締切後の入会は毎月15日までにお申し込み下さい。

Tel: 212-627-0265


“Sachiyo Ito & Co. brings classical dance to Japanese Festival”
By Sarah Bryan Miller | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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We wanted to share some comments from guests attending the Salon Series #49: Ma and Breathing in Dance and Healing

Ma means space. Ma means nothing. Ma means breath. Sachiyo Ito began her 49th Salon explaining breath techniques used by Kabuki actors to transmit emotions to the audience. After warmly encouraging her Salon audience to inhale, smile, exhale and smile, Ito effectively demonstrated the vital energy areas of the body: hara – lower abdomen, diaphragm and throat…

Read more about Salon Series »

Report from the Anniversary ConcertAyame
The 30th Anniversary Concert was held on October 23. 2011 at Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York City.  Dances in the program included classical, and contemporary works choreographed by Sachiyo Ito.

[read full report + view photos]

“Sachiyo Ito and Company Day” in the City of New York!


The Office of the Mayor has officially proclaimed October 23. 2011 as  “Sachiyo Ito and Company Day” in the city of New York.  [view proclamation]. The proclamation was presented to Sachiyo Ito and Company by the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg at the Anniversary concert.

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