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Japanese Festival at Missouri Botanical Garden

Noon and 5:30 p.m. Saturday; 5:30 p.m. Sunday; 10:30 a.m. and noon Monday
Shoenberg Theater, Missouri Botanical Garden, 4344 Shaw Boulevard

Cost included in festival admission fee.

More info 314-577-5100;

 all day
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Japanese Classical Dance in collaboration with Lincoln Center Festival

Please join us at Lincoln Center on July 5, as audience, and as participant to gain a glimpse of Kabuki and Kabuki Dance, as a part of Meet the Artist Saturdays at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center!



公演日: 7月5日(土) 11am-12pm
場所: デイヴィッ ド・レーベン・アトリウム
詳細: atrium.*lincolncenter


Sachiyo Ito and Company will present exquisitely beautiful and elegant Japanese classical dances. The program will include Kabuki dances from 19th century, such as Fuji Musume (Wistaria Maiden), and Mitsumen Komori (Three Mask Lullaby) originally staged in 1826 and 1829. To familiarize audience with Kabuki for the Kabuki performance in the following week at the Lincoln Center Festival, Sachiyo Ito will offer a demonstration on Kabuki dance with various styles of walk by characters in Kabuki plays, use of stage props such as a dance fan. We will invite audience to stage for experiencing a Japanese classical dance with fans. Lastly a work choreographed by Sachiyo Ito in Kabuki dance style will be presented.

Show in Google map David Rubenstein Atrium Center at Lincoln Center on Broadway between 62nd & 63rd Street, NYC

Traditional Japanese Music Recital/ Masumi Takamizu’s Koto Teaching License Celebration

Sachiyo Ito will perform Kurokami, the Jiuta-mai in this celebratory concert.

Show in Google map Tenri Cultural Institute 43 A West 13th Street NYC

International Resource Center Presents International Women’s Day Music and Dance Celebration

This performance honors and celebrates women’s generosity of wisdom, playfulness, longing and love. In Auditorium, Lower Level

more info:

Show in Google map The Queens Library 41-17 Main Street Flushing, NY
Salon 2014a

Ma: Creating Sacred Space and Time, Here and Now

(photo credits: Sachiyo Ito: Larry Thompson, Flutist : Akiko Nishimura)

The prevailing theme of Salon Series in 2014 Season  is “Ma,” the particular sense of space and time in Japanese arts and culture.

The first in the program investigates Ma in creating sacred space and time through sutra chanting and writing, music and dance improvisation.

Guest Artists: Kaoru Watanabe (flutist/drummer), Satoshi Takeishi (percussionist), Rev. Kenjitsu Nakagaki (Calligrapher)

Ticket: $15, $10 (Senior & Student)

More Info: Sachiyo Ito & Company 212-627-0265,


さろんシリーズ16周年の2014年第1 弾さろんシリーズ第48回 「間:聖なる 空 間と時間、今とここ」

さろんシリーズ16周年のテーマは「間」を取り上げ、日本文化、芸術の中での 意味を今回は 声明・写経、舞踊、音楽を通して模索します。意見 交換、 Q&Aへのご参加、ご高覧をお待ちしています。


日: 2月9日(日)、午後3時

場所:天理文化協会、43A West 13th Street,NYC

チケット: $15, $10 (シニア、学生)

お問合わせ:(212) 627-0265 、








Show in Google map Tenri Cultural Institute, 43A West 13th Street New York City, between 5th & 6th Avenue
SalonSeriesNo.49E Flyer E1394123316292

Ma and Breathing in Dance and Healing

The program will focus on the highest technique in dance, the breath work. Cultivating the best uses of timing, “Ma” in executing breath with movements is the last stage of learning process, and the mastering is essential in order to be a professional performer. While shiatsu healing master will demonstrate Ma in his healing work.

Guest Artist: Wataru Ohashi

Ticket: $15, $10 (Senior & Student) View Flyer

Show in Google map Tenri Cultural Institute, 43A West 13th Street New York City, between 5th & 6th Avenue
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