Dance School Sachiyo Ito & Company offers private lessons and classes of Japanese classical dance, developed from Kabuki dance, as well as Okinawan court dance. Beginners learn: how to dress in Kimono; the basic movements and styles of Japanese dance; how to use dance fans for expressive movements; repertory from Kabuki dance; how to maintain graceful manner and good posture.

Advanced students are welcome to be trained to join Dancejapan ensemble to perform as a company member.

Both seniors and children are also welcome.

For seniors, “Gentle Japanese Dance Designed for Seniors” is available.

Children can learn: manners such proper bow; maintaining a good posture, how to dress in kimono; basic movements in Japanese dance while enjoying dance songs and use of dance fans; their own cultural traditions as they relate to dance.

For more information about our classes including information about scheduling, please go to our “Contact Us” section and send us a message.

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What is Kabuki Dance?
A form of Japanese classical dance, originated in kabuki theater in the 17th century. The dance combines acting and dancing with elegant and sophisticated body movements.

What is Okinawan Dance?
Okinawan court dance developed in the Okinawan court in the  18th century, the movement and style combine those of the Noh theater and indiginous dance forms.

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