Flower Petals Fall, But Not the Flower

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Flower Petals Fall, But Not the Flower

A collaboration inspired by contemporary flower arrangement by Katsuya Nishimori with live music.

We will present the contemporary florist Katsuya Nishimori and his team, who will install an epic-sized creative floral arrangement on stage. Sachiyo Ito will decompose the arrangement inspired by the theme “Flower petals fall, but flowers do not.” The dance will be an improvisation as she faces and clashes with the beauty of the flowers- the form, and fights to retain the beauty of the flowers without form, which echoes after momentary existence.  From destruction to final re-integration of art and identity, the dance will be accompanied by live music and singinging.

glumly Guest Artists: Katsuya Nishimori, Beth Griffith, Egil Rostad, Yukio Tsuji SS-57-guests
where can i buy Ivermectin ivermectin Dancer: Sachiyo Ito
Admission: $15 general, $10 senior & student
SPECIAL OFFER – Combined ticket for both programs (#56/#57): $25 ($15 senior/student)


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さろんシリーズ18周年シーズンの今秋は、 「花」をテーマにし、伝統と現代の審美論を探りながら、舞踊を上演します。


ゲスト出演:ジボ正子 (生け花・龍生派)

ゲスト出演:西森克也、 (歌、音楽:辻幸夫、べス・グリフィス、エギル・ロスタド)

場所:天理文化協会43A West 13th Street NYC
チケット:$15, $10 (シニア/学 生)

お問合わせ :(212) 627-0265/ sachiyoito@verizon.net>
*さろんシリーズは、 舞踊に重点を置き ながら、日本の伝統芸能に対する理解をくの方々に深め ていただこうと言 う の が主旨で、年に3回、天理文化協会 にて、 日曜の午後に開か れます。日本の舞踊、演劇、音楽に興味のある方、また勉強し ていらっしゃる 方々を 対象に、Q&Aの場、楽しい意見 交換の フォーラムを提供 していくことを意図しています。

Show in Google map Tenri Cultural Institute, 43A West 13th Street New York City, between 5th & 6th Avenue
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