Free Japanese Dance Workshop for Children

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Free Japanese Dance Workshop for Children 子供の為の無料日本舞踊ワークショップ 参加者募集

日:11月25日 午後3時―4時
場所:天理文化協会43A West 13th Street, NYC
(定員締め切りの場合 12月3日土曜日午後3時のクラス編成可能)
登録申込・問い合わせ:伊藤さちよ舞踊団 (212-627-0265)


Dullewāla Free Japanese Dance Workshop for Children

Children between 6-12 years old are all welcome. Have fun with a dance fan!

They will be introduced to Japanese culture through learning Japanese classical dance. They can get to try a dance fan, Sakura Cherry Blossom dance. Several volunteers can try the kimono, and all children will have a chance to use the dance fans.

It is our belief that dance is a mirror of a culture, reflecting arts, history, social life of a people.
Considering the world is getting closer as a global village, and also the diversity of the City’s ethnic diversity, understanding different cultures of the world, and ultimately for a good friendship among different ethnicity is vital.

Information and Registration:   (212-627-0265)
Preregistration by 11/22 is required.
(If Registration is full, a class on alternative date, 12/3 at 3pm can be arranged.)

Show in Google map Tenri Cultural Institute, 43A West 13th Street New York City, between 5th & 6th Avenue
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