Interfaith Peace Gathering (Commemorating 70th Year Hiroshima・Nagasaki Atomic Bombings)

Interfaith Peace Gathering

Interfaith Peace Gathering (Commemorating 70th Year Hiroshima・Nagasaki Atomic Bombings)

Please Join us at the Interfaith Peace Gathering which is part of the Hiroshima・Nagasaki 70th Year Peace Events 2015

Sachiyo Ito will perform and offer a dance of prayer to the deceased and those affected by the atomic bombing. VIEW FLYER


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Edgewater Interfaith Peace Gathering
Hiroshima・Nagasaki 70th Year Peace Events 2015


Master of Ceremony: Heather Harlan Nakagaki

Welcoming Remarks by Meg Chapman, President of NY Society for Ethical Culture 

Opening Remarks by Rev. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki, Organizer 

Slide Show “Kenka”(flower offering) by Hiroshima Seven Rivers Photo Club 

Music Performance  Nobuki Takamen, guitarist/composer

Invocation from Japanese traditions:

Calling Drumming  by Kaoru Watanabe, ‘Taiko’ Japanese drummer/‘Feu’ flutist

Dance by Sachiyo Ito, Japanese dancer

Gagaku Music Offering and Peace Prayer 

by Tenri Gagaku Music Society of New York, and Rev. Michael Yuge

Shomyo Buddhist Chant  

– Rev. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki, supported by Rev. Katsuya Kusunoki

Sanbika Christian Hymn – Rev. Kaz Takahashi, Japanese American United Church

Poem  “Peace Bell” by Riverside Shinchi, Carletta J. Walker, poet/writer/artist

Moment of Silence and Peace Bell at 7:15pm (Exact moment when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15am, on August 6, 1945.)

Unison Reading

Music Offering  by Sonny Ochiai, Sanshin  (Okinawa’s traditional instrument) player, accompanied by Kaoru Watanabe, Fue flute

Song Offering  by Minami Hattori, Soprano, accompany with Hiromi Abe, pianist

Interfaith Peace Prayer and Meditation from world religions

Judaism – Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub, Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Service

Islam – Sister Aisha al-Adawiya, Women In Islam

Hinduism – Dr. Uma Mysorekar, Hindu Temple Society of North America

Christianity – Rev. Robert Brashear, West Park Presbyterian Church

Buddhism – Bhante Kondanna, Staten Island Buddhist Vihara

Music Offering: by Sumiko Tajihi, violinist

Reading of Mayors Messages

Message from Hiroshima Mayor:  Tak Furumoto, NY Hiroshima-kai

Message from Nagasaki Mayor:  Takeshi Yamaguchi, NY Batten-kai


Japanese American Association of New York  – Susan Onuma

Interfaith Center of New York  –  Ellen Greeley

Musical Performance by Japan Choral Harmony”TOMO” 

Mike Shirota, Conductor;  Hiromi Abe, pianist  

Poem “Peace is Possible” by Great Elbogen, a Holocaust survivor.

Keynote Address  by Tomiko Morimoto West, Hibakusha (survivor) of Hiroshima

Musical Performance by Toshiko Akiyoshi, Jazz pianist, and Lew Tabackin, Saxophonist. flutist

Appreciation and Remarks by Rev. T. Kenjitsu  Nakagaki

President of Buddhist Council of New York

Dana (donation) Collection

Musical Performance by Shinji Harada, Recording artist/Hiroshima Peace Culture Ambassador

Silent Meditation and Prayer for Peace and Lighting Ceremony:

Silent Peace Walk to Imagine Circle (Central Park Strawberry Field)

Show in Google map New York Society for Ethical Culture: 2 W. 64th Street @Central Park West, New York, NY
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