sakuraSachiyo Ito and company is pleased to offer programs with Japanese themes for corporate and private functions. Also, the Company is available for social programs for your neighborhood community, or civic organization. A full concert with live music of Koto and Shakuhachi is available.

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  • To help students understand the culture of Japan through its traditional dance forms.
  • Based on a belief that art, particularly dance, is a form of communication among people that leads to a better understanding about the feelings and cultures of others, students are taught steps and movements of Japanese dance and selected numbers of Kabuki dance, and folk forms.
  • Also included are presentations on history, religion, and various social factors that shaped the particular dance forms of Japan.
  • Through the learning of dance technique in a new cultural context, students are expected to reflect on the meanings of their own culture and art forms.
  • It is hoped that this educational experience will be a source of inspiration in their creative life.


  • Basic movements and techniques of classical Japanese dance. Instruction on selected dances of Kabuki, Noh, folkloric, and Okinawan dance.
  • The relationship between Japanese dance and drama forms, Noh and Kabuki.
  • Influence of other dance forms and cultures (China, Korea, the West) on the development of Japanese dance.
  • The relationship between religion and dance in Japanese society.
  • The movement and stylistic differences between the dance forms of Eastern and Western societies as indices of cultural persities.


  • Teachers and All levels of students from elementary through college.
  • Recommended for social studies, performing arts, humanities, and fine arts classes.
  • College majors in Asian Studies, Dance, or Performance Studies.
  • General public, continuing education, or community outreach programs.
  • Members/general public through museum outreach and educational programs.


Corporate/Museum Programs

  • Banquet/dinner entertainment
  • Annual events/Holiday programs
  • Special events


  • Full performance including lecture – demonstration.
  • Lectures using video tapes and slides.

Community Programs

  • Community outreach
  • Cross-cultural exchange

K – 12

  • One-day workshop providing students with a panorama of Japanese dance forms including folk and Kabuki
  • One-day workshop of Haiku and creative movement
  • Residencies – One week with a concert by Dr. Ito/One semester with a concert by students

Higher Education

  • One-day workshop providing students with an overview of Japanese dance and theater forms such as Noh, Kabuki, and Okinawan dance
  • One-day workshop of Haiku and improvisation (Learn more about this workshop)
  • Concert: Full performance including lecture-demonstration
  • Lectures using video tapes and slides.
  • Residency-
    One week, culminating in a concert by Dr. Ito
    One semester, culminating in a concert by students
  • One-day Workshop-
    The workshop gives the student an over-all picture of Japanese dance and performing arts such as Noh, Kabuki, and Okinawan dance, and their related forms as Noh, Kabuki, and Okinawan dance, and their related forms


Partial Sponsor List

Arts Partner’s Program, City of NY

New York Foundation for the Arts

Staten Island Council on the Arts

South Carolina Arts Commission

Smithsonian Institution

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

New York Botanical Garden

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Japan Air Lines

Lincoln Center Institute for the Performing Arts

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