Expression in Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Dance

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Expression in Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Dance

buy prednisone australia Salon Series No. 63 Expressions in Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Dance

The Salon Series No.63 will explore the great possibilities of contemporary expressions and creations based on centuries-old Japanese traditions.  Shoko Tamai, Artistic Director of Ninja Ballet is invited as a guest artist.

Sharing the theme of sky and water, the program will present a Japanese classical  dance by Dancejapan ensemble, Seiten no Tsuru (Cranes in the Blue Sky), and the original work by Sachiyo Ito, Umie (To the Sea), while Ms. Tamai will present a repertory from classical ballet and her own creation. The program will conclude with an improvisation on the theme accompanied by vocalist Beth Griffith and Percussionist Yukio Tsuji.
The theme for the 20th year of Salon Series in 2018 is Traditional Performing Arts for Future Generations. 

Guest Artists: Shoko Tamai, Beth Griffith, Yukio Tsuji

Dancers: Yuu Fujita, Yumiko Matsuno, Claudia Cao, Sachiyo Ito

Date: Sunday, October 21, 2018 3pm-4pm

Place: Tenri Cultural Institute 43A West 13th Street NYC

Admission: $20 (General), $15 (Student and Senior)

Information: or Tel: 212-627-0265

The Salon Series is a series of performances with informative lectures and demonstrations on the performing arts of Japan. They are held on Sunday afternoons three times a year. A dialogue between artists and audience following each program provides further insights into art and culture, bridging the cultural differences. With world class guest artists and speakers, the program has artistically and intellectually educated and inspired NY audiences for the last 20 years.

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Photo: Gigi Lau

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さろんシリーズ第 63回「古典と創作:日本 舞踊とバレー」
日時:10月 21日(日)午後3時-4時
場所:天理文化協会43A West 13th Street NYC
チケット:$20/$15 (一般/シニア&学 生)
お問合わせ :(212) 627-0265/

ゲスト出演: 玉井翔子(忍者バレー主宰)
20年目を迎える『さろんシリーズ』の今年のテーマは 「近代における日本の伝統芸能」です。古典舞踊ジャンルの日本舞踊とバレーの現代作品とを通して、伝統を現代の創造作品にどの様に 取り入れられるかの可能性を探ります。


*「さろんシリーズ」は、日本の舞踊を焦点に当てながら、日本の伝統芸能に対する理解を多くの方々に深めて頂くために、日曜の午後に定期的に開催しています。芸能各分野のゲストアーテイストとのコラボレーション、他国との舞踊文化との比較などを通して日本文化へのより深い理解を目指しています。又、日本の舞踊、演劇、音楽に興味のある方、また勉強していらっしゃる 方々に、Q&Aの場、楽しい意見交換のフォーラムを提供していく事を意図としています。

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