"Sachiyo Ito, an expressive and powerful performer, is, at the same time, touchingly delicate."

The Village Voice

“Ito has achieved mastery of [traditional] forms, absorbing the necessary discipline and techniques. Ito was a model of control and refinement.”

Dance Magazine

"Miss Ito appeared to mix styles, combining Japanese formality with the fluidity of western modern dance. Movements were delicate and it seemed as if Miss Ito were about to dissolve into mist with each step."

The New York Times

"Sachiyo Ito is a graceful dancer/choreographer/teacher of quiet power."

Attitude Winter 2002

"Sachiyo Ito has a rare understanding of the culture of her country, and she is able to intrigue and enchant with her knowledge and her artistry"

Dance Perspectives

In 2011 our dance company, Sachiyo Ito & Company celebrated over 30 years of Dedication to Promoting and Exploring Japanese Arts and Culture.

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http://fabcare.com/linkedin.com/company/fabcare-garments- Upcoming Events in August and September

Hello Everyone,

I hope you can join us for the following events this summer, and for a special workshop in the fall!

Stay cool!

Best wishes,

Sachiyo Ito


http://dardogallettostudios.com/blog/category/announcements/page/2/ ​Dances inspired by “Kengo Kito: Unity on the Hudson”

Sunday, August 6


Hudson River Museum (Middle Level Galleries)

511 Warburton Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701

This event is free with general museum admission.

Sachiyo Ito & Company presents classical dances that express reverence for nature, and feature Sachiyo Ito’s solo contemporary works, which she choreographed: “To the Sea” and “Memories,” inspired by water, nature, and humanity, accompanied by a poetry reading. Sachiyo Ito will introduce the program with a demonstration of classical dance form and gestures. A Q&A session will conclude the program.

For more information, please visit the event page on
the Hudson River Museum Website


Culmination Performance of “Dance and Poetry of Japan” Workshop

Thursday, August 10

11:30 – 12:00pm

The Parlor at the Greenwich Senior Center

20 Washington Square North, New York

The program will present Renku (Linking Verses) along with dances choreographed by the workshop participants. A special guest, Beth Griffith, singer and actress, will join as a vocalist to accompany the dances. The dance “Sakura,” choreographed by Ito, will also be performed by participants and a member of the Company. The presentation will conclude with dance improvisation by Ito and the participants on Haiku stanzas from the audience. Audiences are invited to bring their own Haiku.

The program will be followed by a reception with beverages and snacks.

The Dance and Poetry of Japan Workshop is, in part, supported by Creative Learning administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in partnership with the NYCity Department of Cultural Affairs.


Fall Japanese Dance Workshops (Beginner and Advanced)

Beginner Workshop: Tuesdays in September and October starting on 9/5/2023

6:00 – 7:00pm

Advanced Workshop: Wednesdays in September and October starting on 9/6/2023

6:00 – 7:00pm

Sachiyo Ito and Company Studio

405 West 23rd Street, Suite 4G, New York, 10011


Beginner Workshop: how to dress in yukata/kimono; the basic movements of Japanese classical dance, as well as how to use a fan for expressive movement; and beginner dances from the classical Kabuki repertoire.

Advanced Workshop: dances from the Kabuki dance repertoire with more complex techniques than the Beginner Workshop. Advanced students can be trained to join the company for performing at cherry blossom festivals and other events in the spring of 2024.

Cost: $120 for the entire two-month workshop, paid in advance
$20 for a single class payment

Materials for the workshop: yukata or kimono with obi, and a dance fan. These can be purchased or rented from the Company if participants do not own them.

Limited to 5 participants

Registration deadline: 9/1/2023

Registration and Inquiry: sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com or visit the Sachiyo Ito and Company Website





初心者・毎週火曜日6-7時 9月5日より

経験者・毎週水曜日6-7時 9月6日より

場所: 伊藤さちよ舞踊団スタジオ405 west 23rd Street NYC(212-627-0265)




費用: 2ヶ月分 $120 / 1クラス $20

お稽古に必要な物:扇子/着物 (購入及び貸出可能) 







Please enjoy the short clip of our parade at Japan Parade 2023!


I hope you had a great spring season.

Thank you for your support of our spring season, which has been a tremendous one for us with performances including the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC, Bloomfest in Newark NJ, the Children’s Day Celebration at Japan Society, and the Japan Parade.

Please check out the short videos of our performances at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Weekends in Bloom event at our website: dancejapan.com. Our videos from the Japan Parade will be coming soon!

Below you will find information on two upcoming events: the program we are presenting at the Queens Library (both online and in person) and our workshop for seniors at the Greenwich House Center. We hope you can join us, and help spread the word about these events!

**Culture Bridge at Flushing Queens Library**

What Makes Japanese Art?

Talks, Performances, and Workshops on Thursday evenings from 6-7pm at the Queens Flushing Library (both in person and online presentations)

The third Installment: Sakura the Cherry blossom: the Favorite Flower of the Japanese as Expressed in Japanese Classical Dance.

Aesthetics of the cherry blossom as expressed in performing arts and literature will be discussed, followed by dance performance with the theme of cherry blossom.

Time: June 1, 2023, 6pm-7pm

Location: Flushing Queens Library、41-17Main Street, Flushing, NY

Zoom Link queenslib.org/3K1KOOV

Meeting ID: 88497152533; Passcode: 0601

**Free Workshop for Seniors: Dance and Poetry of Japan**

Participants will learn the basics of Japanese classical dance, repertories of the 19th century Kabuki dance, and are introduced to Japanese poetry forms of Haiku, Waka, and Renku (linking verses), as well as learning how to dress Yukata/Kimono, and more about Japanese culture.

Also, participants have a chance to share dance and poetry as a public component. The goal is to enjoy sharing dance and poetry of Japan as well as learning about the Japanese culture, and to create a communal art of dance and poetry inspired by the Japanese tradition.

Date: Thursdays at 10:30am to 12pm From June 8 to August 10, 2023

Open to All Seniors, Accessible to those in wheelchairs

Location: Greenwich House Center on the Square at 20 Washington Square North, NY

What you need to bring: Socks, dance practice attire Yukata/Kimono, a dance fan. If you do not have them, they will be provided by the instructor; two cotton ties (10 feet each).

Inquiry: sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com

Registration: nbrown@greenwichhouse.org (212) 777-3555 X 106

Free Workshop of Dance and Poetry of Japan is supported, in part, by Creative Learning administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with partnership with New York City Council.




又、6月18日からは シニア対象無料ワークショップ「日本の詩歌と舞踊」を開きます。

添付のFlyer もご参照下さい。

ご高覧、ご参加 を心よりお待ちしております。








場所:Flushing Queens Library、41-17Main Street, Flushing, NY

Zoom Link queenslib.org/3K1KOOV

Meeting ID: 88497152533; Passcode: 0601


** シニア対象無料ワークショップ「日本の舞踊と詩歌」 **


場所: Greenwich House 20 Washington Square North、NY

ワシントンパーク北側のシニアセンター (TEL:212-777-3555)


質問: sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com

登録: nbrown@greenwichhouse.org (212) 777-3555 X 106

Spring News-Performances and Workshops


Washington DC – National Cherry Blossom Festival at Tidal Basin Anna Welcome Stage Performance

Event by National Cherry Blossom Festival

Location: West Basin Dr SW, Washington, DC 20245

**Sunday April 2 at 1:45-2:15pm

Info on Facebook of National Cherry Blossom Festival


Organizer’s website for more info


Cherry Blossom Festival

**Sunday April 16: Bloomfest! Cherry Blossom Festival at Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ at the Prudential Grove Concert Stage from 2:30-4pm. Admission is free.


Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Spring Events – Saturday April 22 at 1:30-2pm, and 3pm-3:30pm

For more info: https://www.bbg.org/


Japan Society – Children’s Day Celebration

**Sunday May 7: Morning and Afternoon Performances in honor of Children’s Day at Japan Society (Details to be announced later)


Japan Day Parade

Annual Japan Day Parade along Central Park West /70th Street-TBA
Saturday May 13 starting at 1pm


Queens Library- What Makes Japanese Art?

Talks, Performances, and Workshops on Thursday evenings from 6-7pm at the Queens Flushing Library (both in person and online presentations)

**March 16: Women’s Role in Japanese Dance in honor of Women’s Month

Please find the Zoom link for the March 16th program below:

Queens Flushing Library Zoom Meeting

**April 13: Japanese Dance Workshop for Families in honor of Immigrant Hertiage Month

**June 1: Cherry blossom: the Favorite Flower of the Japanese as Expressed in Japanese Classical Dance


Senior Free Japanese Dance Workshop
at Greenwich Senior Center

Thursdays 10:30am-12pm, 6/15-8/17


Thank you, and we look froward to seeing you online and in person this spring!


Best wishes,

Sachiyo Ito

Artistic Director

* * *












Dear Friends:


Happy spring!

Thank you for your support to Salon Series for the last 25 years.

We are pleased to announce the Steaming of Salon Series #74 Finale, which was publicly presented on December 18, 2022.

To view, please visit dancejapan.com from Thursday 3/1, 7pm – to Sunday 3/5, 7pm(EST).

Viewing is Free. However, your donation via PayPal payment through our website home page is greatly appreciated.

Information: sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com

Also, please note we are seeking more dance members for Dancejapan Ensemble. Please visit our website for details.

Thank you, and we look froward to seeing you online!


Best wishes,

Sachiyo Ito

Artistic Director

* * *









* * *


Salon Series No.74: Renku (Linking Verses) and Dance

The program presents a classical Kabuki dance, a work fusing classical Japanese dance and Okinawan dance, and a contemporary dance created by Ito. After the introduction of Haiku and Renku, Haiku, guest poets and Ito link verses and dances in an improvisation, accompanied by live music. To conclude the program, audiences were invited to submit their Haiku for the improvisation.


*Held three times a year, Salon Series was a series of performances and lecture-demonstrations on Japanese performing arts and culture. Dialogue between artists and audiences provided further insights into arts and culture, and human nature, promoting understanding beyond cultural differences. With world class guest artists, the program inspired NY audiences. For the archival record of past programs, visit dancejapan.com.

Our heartfelt thanks to all guest artists, speakers, and volunteers who made the programs possible for 25 years.

* * *


Why don’t you join us in our events such as Cherry Blossom Festivals?

Sharing joy of dancing, with Grace, dressing in Kimono, learning Japanese traditions.



Dancers Wanted for Spring Events

Why don’t you join us in our events such as Cherry Blossom Festivals?

Sharing joy of dancing, with Grace, dressing in Kimono, learning Japanese traditions.




問合せ・Contact: sachiyoitoandcompany@gamil.com

Happy New Year!

With all good wishes for 2023!

Dear Friends:

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your support of the Salon Series over the years. This will be the last of the series. The task of introducing the arts and culture of Japan is too immense for one person, and I was only able to open a small window. But it has been a gratifying journey for me, and my heartfelt thanks to our audiences, guest artists and lecturers, mentors, and colleagues is greater than words can express.  Please come and join us for the finale of this series that has spanned 25 years. To conclude the program, audiences are invited to offer their Haiku for the improvisation.

Best wishes,

Sachiyo Ito








Salon Series No.74: Renku (Linking Verses) and Dance

The series No.74 will present Renku (Linking Verses) and Dance

The program will present a classical Kabuki dance, a work fusing classical Japanese dance and Okinawan dance, and a contemporary dance created by Ito to conclude the Salon Series that has educated and entertained New York audiences for the past 25 years. Then, audiences will be introduced to Haiku, the shortest form of Japanese poetry, and to Renku, a much less known form from which Haiku developed. As the highlight of the program, the poets and Ito will link verses and dances in an improvisation, accompanied by live music and singing. To conclude the program, audiences are invited to submit their Haiku for the improvisation.

Date: Sunday December 18, 2022, at 3pm

Venue: Tenri Cultural Institute 43Awest 13th Street, New York, NY 10011

Ticket: General $20, Student and Senior $15

Information: sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com


Guest Artists: Beth Griffith, Masayo Ishigurre, Yukio Tsuji, John Stevenson and his friend poets

Dancejapan Encemble: Claudia Cao, Yuu Fujita, Mami Uchida, Sachiyo Ito 

Salon Series is an ongoing program of informative lectures, lecture-demonstrations and performances aimed  on the arts and culture of Japan. The series is held on Sunday afternoons three times a year.  In an informal forum setting, and with world class guest artists and experts, the series has entertained and educated New York audiences for the last 25 years.

The Salon Series in 2022 season is supported, in part, by public funds from Lower Manhattan Cultural in Partnership with the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.




場所:天理文化協会43A West 13th Street NYC

入場料: $20 (Student and Senior $15)




Snow in the Garden by 歌川広重 Utagawa Hiroshige

REVIEW: 2018 Sakura Matsuri Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
[read review + view photos]

“Sachiyo Ito & Co. brings classical dance to Japanese Festival”
By Sarah Bryan Miller | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

read article »

We wanted to share some comments from guests attending the Salon Series #49: Ma and Breathing in Dance and Healing

Ma means space. Ma means nothing. Ma means breath. Sachiyo Ito began her 49th Salon explaining breath techniques used by Kabuki actors to transmit emotions to the audience. After warmly encouraging her Salon audience to inhale, smile, exhale and smile, Ito effectively demonstrated the vital energy areas of the body: hara – lower abdomen, diaphragm and throat…

Read more about Salon Series »

Report from the Anniversary ConcertAyame
The 30th Anniversary Concert was held on October 23. 2011 at Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York City. Dances in the program included classical, and contemporary works choreographed by Sachiyo Ito.

[read full report + view photos]

“Sachiyo Ito and Company Day” in the City of New York!


The Office of the Mayor has officially proclaimed October 23. 2011 as “Sachiyo Ito and Company Day” in the city of New York. [view proclamation]. The proclamation was presented to Sachiyo Ito and Company by the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg at the Anniversary concert.

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