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Culture Bridge: Dance And Culture Of Japan By Sachiyo Ito

Please join Sachiyo Ito & Company for a Queens Public Library virtual event:

Culture Bridge is a series celebrating Flushing as one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Queens. Culture Bridge programs focus on musical instruments, dress or dance while presenting them in both English and the most popular language among the audience. These are opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and education.

In part one on 8/26, Sachiyo Ito, Ph.D. will discuss various aspects of Japanese culture as it relates to dance with slides and video excerpts from the Sachiyo Ito and Company Archive.

In the second part on 9/2, Sachiyo Ito will give a demonstration of Japanese classical dance including the usage of dance fans and perform dances. In addition, excerpts from the Sachiyo Ito and Company Archive will be presented.

Thursdays, August 26 and September 2


Join here:

Part One, 8/26: https://queenslib.org/3lqSU96
Password: 0826

Part Two, 9/2: https://queenslib.org/3rPeBRk
Password: 0902

For more information: https://bit.ly/3zrxxIM



Gentle Reminder:

Sachiyo Ito’s Talk and Showing of Performance Videos 1991-2019

Free Streaming Presented by New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

David Vaughan’s The Dance Historian is in with Sachiyo Ito

Date: Wednesday May 26, at 1pm

Information and Registration:



I hope you can join us for this special presentation.

Thank you.

With warm regards,

Sachiyo Ito

「 リンカーンセンター・パフォーミングアーツ・ライブラリー主催フリーストリーミング:伊藤さちよの話と公演作品上演」


日・時間:5月26日 1時ー2時半






Happy Spring, Everyone!

Please join us for our spring events.

With warm regards,

Sachiyo Ito

Artistic Director


Performance of Japanese Classical Dance for Spring Events at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Date: April 17, at 1:15, 2:15, 3:15pm & May 9, at 2, 3, 4pm



Bloomfest Virtual Cherry Blossom Festival

Date: April 19, at 12pm Time Subject to change.

Visit the website below and www.dancejapan.com for updates.

Information: https://www.essexcountyparks.org/parks/branch-brook-park


Free Online Workshop: Gentle Japanese Dance for Seniors

Date: May 5-June 30 Wednesdays 11-12pm

Let’s dance at your small space with easy and gentle movements to the body, learning the basics of Japanese classical dance and gaining graceful gestures and movements-from dancing to daily life.

Dance fans/practice Yukata can be provided. See the details below.


ご自宅の 小さなスペースで、体に優しい日本舞踊、優雅でしなやかな動きをみ身に付けましょう!*


日本語での詳細は 以下の英文の後をご参照下さい。


David Vaughan’s The Dance Historian Is In

Sachiyo Ito’s talk and showing of her performance films.

Streamed by New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center

Date: Wednesday May 26, at 1pm.

Visit www.dancejapan.com or check https://www.eventbrite.com/e/149916182337/ for information and registration


Streaming of Salon Series No. 69

“Transformation and Transition: Kabuki, Shakespeare, and Now”

Special Guest: Ernest Abuba (Actor/Theater Director/Writer)

Date: June 13, at 3pm

Visit www.dancejapan.com for details of the program and viewing link in early June. Also, Newsletter will be sent out to those in our mailing list. To join in the mailing list, send your email address to sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com.


Information regarding Free Online Workshop: Gentle Japanese Dance for Seniors

This workshop is specially designed for seniors (over 65) and offered free of charge. Yukata/obi and dance fans can be provided (Limited and Pick up Required).

Limited to 10 participants.

Goal is to gain grace and beauty through learning, basics of Japanese dance and selected dance repertory. In addition, since a dance is a mirror of a culture, we will discuss Japanese culture, arts, and literature as they relate to the dance.

The sequential 10 sessions are offered 9 weeks in May and June with one additional as discussed with participants in late June.

Date: Wednesdays 11am-12pm from 5/ 5 to 6/30

Sequential topics are:

** How to dress in yukata and obi (the traditional dress and sash worn);

** Basic movements, techniques, and style;

** 3 dances from folk dances;

** Basic use of dance fan for expressive movements;

** Sakura (Cherry blossom Dance);

** Itako Dejima (the Island of Itako);

Talks on the background that have nurtured dance forms, the poetry in the lyrics of the dances, interpreting them into movements and gestures, and sharing among the participants stories from their experiences in Japan and Japanese culture.


Contact for Inquiry and Registration: Sachiyoito@verizon.net

Deadline for Registration: 5/1/2021


Seniors can exercise dexterity of hands, since hand motions are important in Japanese dance, and handling of fans also require motions that is helpful to those with arthritis. The subtlety in movements and gestures, which are essential in Japanese dance will train seniors the act of focusing, even on one single movement. Importantly, movements are designed for less stressful use of knees.

Also, private viewing video link to recording of the dances to be taught, links to Sachiyo Ito’s dances will be sent to participants via email.

Materials for practicing, fans/yukata/obi/ties can be picked up from Instructor’s studio in Chelsea from Front Desk.

This program is administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and supported by public funds in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Department for the Aging.



伊藤さちよ舞踊団 は新しくシニア初心者向けオンライン・日本舞踊教室を開きます。


時: 毎週水 曜日朝11時から12時 10回


期間 : 5月5日より6月30日

目標: 優雅な動き、しぐさを日本舞踊を通して身につける

クラス内容: 浴衣の着付け、扇子の扱い方と表現方法、体に優しい姿勢,腰の保ち方、膝の使い方、日本舞踊の基礎、日舞2曲、ディスカッション(舞踊の背景・歴史、文学、詩歌等)






登録締め切り: 5月1日



Dear Friends, please join us!

New Online Class of Japanese Classical Dance for Beginners

Gaining Grace through Japanese dance

When: 10 Saturdays at 11am-12pm from 2/20-4/24

The Goal: Graceful gestures and movements from dancing to daily life

Learning and adopting graceful manners and gestures from dance movements to daily activities; learning Japanese cultural traditions through literature and backgrounds of dances; dressing in yukata; learning basics of Japanese dance, including the proper stance, how to walk, and the use of the dance fan; studying repertories of classical dances; strengthening the core through Japanese dance.

Subjects: How to dress in yukata; the movements and styles of Japanese classical dance; how to use dance fans for expressive movements; repertory from classical dances such as Itako Dejima, Ume ni mo Haru, Kyo no Shiki, Chiyo no Tomozuru (excerpt)

Fee: $100 for 10 classes; or $55 for 5 classes

A recording is available for 2 weeks with additional fee of $2 if participants wishes to obtain by missing a class.

Note: In the first class, t-shirt and pants or legging are to be worn. They are suitable for observing stance and leg/feet movements. Socks are acceptable if no tabi are available.

By the second week, dance fans/Yukata/obi/ties are needed for the lesson.

* Intermediate Online Class will be offered after 10 sessions. Participants in the Beginners’ Class are welcomed to join.

*Watch announcements on our website for: “Gentle Japanese Dance Designed for Seniors”* and “Children’s Online Class “ offered during the summer.*

*We will focus on gentle manner in dancing, including lessening stress during knee movements, easing arthritis pains in hands through graceful hand and finger movements, and use of the dance fan.

**We will focus on learning manners such as the proper bow; maintaining a good posture while enjoying songs and use of dance fans; and cultural traditions as they relate to dance.

Inquiry: sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com Tel: 212-627-0265

Registration: sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com

Registration deadline: February 19, 2021 5pm **

Payment method: To pay using a credit/debit card or PayPal Account, click the button below. If paying by credit card, you do not need a PayPal account.



If paying by Venmo, please search for: sachiyo-Ito.

** Please contact us if you miss the deadline this time, or if you are interested in the future class. Next offering of On-line Beginners’ Class is planned for 3/20



時: 毎週土曜日朝11時から12時

期限: 2月20日より4月24日

目標: 優雅な動き、しぐさを日本舞踊を通して身につける

クラス内容: 浴衣の着付け、扇子の扱い方と表現方法、姿勢,腰の保ち方



お稽古代: $100 for 10 classes; もしくは$55 for 5 classes

支払方法:ホームページwww.dancejapan.com上のPayPal にて








問い合わせ・申し込み: sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com

Tel: 212-627-0265

申し込み: sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com



伊藤さちよ舞踊団 日本舞踊教室 (主宰:藤間さちよ)


Dear Friends, Happy New Year!

We at Sachiyo Ito and Company wish you all good health and peace for the New Year.

We would like to invite you to two online presentations in the first month of 2021.

First, join us for the upcoming streaming of Salon Series No.68 on Sunday, January 31, 2021, at 3pm EST, “Symbolism of Snow”.

Taking the symbolism of snow, the Salon Series No.68 will be offered to herald in the snowy season and to welcome a new season of unity into the world.

Snow is a popular theme in the Japanese traditional arts, poetry, music, and dance, often symbolizing the ephemeral quality of love, as it melts away. This symbolism is central to the 18th Century Kabuki dance, Heron Maiden, to be performed by Ito. An improvisation of poetry, music, and dance by the guest artists, including international musician, Kaoru Watanabe, vocalist Beth Griffith, Russian dancer Julia Kulakova as well as Dancejapan Ensemble, will culminate the program. Each dancer will choose a poem of their culture referencing snow, and using reverence to nature as a springboard, each dancer offers their interpretation of the theme. We wish to send a message that each human being is as precious and unique as each individual snowflake, and yet similar in essence beyond differences in race, ethnicity, and culture.

To watch, please visit our website: dancejapan.com for the link. The link will be announced by January 24. Also we will send you a reminder with the link.

The link will be active for 24 hours.

Second, we invite you to view “Beat of the Boroughs, NYC Online” featuring Sachiyo Ito.

“Beat of the Boroughs, NYC Online” was created and sponsored by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance in response to the pandemic. Originally broadcast on November 31, 2020, the link below will lead you to the talk/demonstration/dance and creative-work interview episode with Dancejapan’s artistic director, Sachiyo Ito.

*Salon Series: Japanese Performing Arts*

The Salon Series is an on-going series of performances and lecture-demonstrations on Japanese performing arts held three times a year. With world-class guest artists and speakers, the program has inspired NY audiences for the last 2 decades, 2019 will be the 23rd season of the series.

Streaming is free, but your generous donations will help us continue streaming our programs in 2021, and will be greatly appreciated.
Donation link:


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year, virtually and in person!







さろんシリーズ第 68回「 雪の象徴」ストリーミング

日時:1月31日(日)午後3時-4時 EDT に ホームページのオンライン・リンク をクリックして頂くとご覧になれます。リンクは24時間有効です。

直接のリンクは1月24日までに ホームページ上にアナウンス、又リマインダーのお知らせをお送りします。

ゲスト出演:ベス・グリフィス、渡辺薫、 ジュリア・クロカーヴァ


お問合わせ : sachiyoitoandcompany@gmail.com 212-627-0265

更に、 雪の季節を迎えて新しい世界の協調を訴える即興作品は渡辺薫の音楽指導の下にロシア、アメリカ、日本を代表したアーティストが各文化の雪のシンボリズムを表現します。又、雪片が一つ一つ違うことから、文化、人種を越えた個人一人一人の尊厳さを謳いあげます。

ストリーミング二つ目は「ニューヨークのビート、あちこち」(Beat of the Boroughs, NYC Online by Center for Traditional Music and Dance 伝統音楽舞踊センター) コロナに直面するアーチストのインタビュー、デモンストレーション、現況に訴えての作品を収録した企画で、去年11月30日放映の伊藤さちよの録画がご覧になれます。以下が直接リンクです。







深い理解を目指しています。又、日本の舞踊、演劇、音楽に興味のある方、また勉強していらっしゃる 方々に、Q&Aの場、楽しい意見交換のフォーラムを提供していく事を意図としています。*


Artistic Director Sachiyo Ito will be featured as one of artists in their online series, presented by Center for Traditional Music and Dance.

On 10/30 at 5pm, she will show dance demonstration, her works chosen in view of the current circumstance and her reflection.

For their announcement, please see below.

Center for Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD) is proud to announce our program series Beat the Boroughs: NYC Online.  This online video series takes you into the homes and neighborhoods of fifty of New York City’s leading immigrant performers and their diverse cultural traditions. A stellar cast of musicians and dancers presents their personal stories, remarkable traditions, and pandemic experiences.

Starting October 5th, tune in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5PM each week to CTMD’s YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Click here to watch a sneak peak of Beat of the Boroughs-NYC Online.


Dear Everyone,

Please join us for the fifth installment of the Virtual Archive Series of Sachiyo Ito and Company. In this program we present full length versions of the dances whose excerpts were streamed before as Highlights.

They are a kabuki dance, Kyo Ningyo, and dances choreographed for the poems written by Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen monk, peace activist, and poet): “Illusion Transformed” and “Please Call Me by My True Names.”

I hope you enjoy the rare comic of the kabuki dace, and the great performance by the artist from Japan, Jinsho Fujima.

This program will be streamed on two separate days, beginning at 6pm EDT:

Thursday, September 24

Thursday, October 1

The link will be active for 24 hours. To watch, click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgtTkCXMBDo

Virtual Archive Series is offered for free, but if you liked the presentation, we greatly appreciate your donation to help us to continue streaming. Also, the past streaming can be viewed with your donation, please contact us through our website to request the link for viewing. To donate, click the donation tab for PayPal on the website.

Thank you and stay well!

Warm regards,
Artistic Director
Sachiyo Ito and Company


木曜日9月24日、10月1日6pm EDT に オンライン・リンク




今回上演作品は、以前「ハイライト」として放送した作品を全曲でお送りします。 歌舞伎舞踊では珍しい喜劇 と言える「京人形 」は 日本から招聘した藤間仁章氏ゲスト出演にて上映致します。 そして平和運動活動家で禅僧のThich Nhat Hanh氏の詩Please Call Me by My True Names とIllusion Transformedに振り付けた伊藤さちよ創作舞踊をお届けします。





Dear Everyone,
Please join us for the fourth installment of  http://lawnsandsprinklersusa.com/xleet.php Virtual Archive Series of Sachiyo Ito and Company as we present the Onatsu Kyoran (Onatsu the Insane).  
We featured the excerpt from Onatsu Kyoran in our other program, and now we will present the dance drama in its entirety. 
Onatsu Kyoran was written and produced by Shoyo Tsubouchi in 1914, based on a story from the 1686 novel by Ihara Saikaku.  We are pleased to announce that Shogo Fujima, a special guest artist from Japan, will be joining the cast. 
This program will be streamed on two separate days, beginning at 6pm ET:
http://spidercreative.co.uk/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1647216718.2842719554901123046875 Thursday, August 20
where to buy stromectol online Thursday, August 27
The link will be active for 24 hours.  
To watch, click:

 Thank you and stay well!
Warm regards,
Sachiyo Ito, Artistic Director
Sachiyo Ito and Company / Dancejapan.com
The Virtual Archive Series is offered for free, but if you liked the presentation, we greatly appreciate your donation to help us continuing streaming. Also, past streamed programs can be viewed with your donation.  Please contact us through our website to request the link for viewing.
To donate, please click the donation tab for Paypal on the website.


onatsu 4

木曜日8月20日27日6pm ET に以下のリンクをクリックして頂くとご覧になれます。



Dear Everyone,

Please join us on Thursdays July 30, and August 6, 2020 at 6pm ET for the streaming of  Virtual Archive Series of Sachiyo Ito and CompanyThe link will be active for 24 hours.

This program will present the Classical Tale of Dojoji Temple and Dojoji 2002.

To watch, click: https://youtu.be/yuAsNnGl_sQ

Virtual Archive Series is offered for free, but if you liked the presentation, we greatly appreciate your donation to help us to continue streaming. Also, the past streaming can be viewed with your donation, please contact us through our website to request the link for viewing. To donate through PayPal, please click here.

Thank you and stay well!

Warm regards,

Artistic Director

Sachiyo Ito and Company



Happy New Year!
With heartfelt gratitude for all of your support, wishing you a joyous 2020!

From  everyone at
Sachiyo Ito and Company





Join us in April for the Cherry Blossom Festival in:
Washington D.C., NJ, and Brooklyn, NY


With all good wishes,

Sachiyo Ito
Artistic Director
Prayer kneeling with golden leaves   



  Dear Friend:

    Thank you for your support of Sachiyo Ito and Company over the years. Your assistance and encouragement have enabled us to continue to create bridges between the peoples of NY, the USA, and Japan by promoting Japanese culture through our performances and educational exchange programs.

    As a not-for–profit organization, we urgently need your 2019 end of year tax deductible donation to meet our goals in 2020.

Shiki Ending

    Our Salon Series, an ongoing program of performances and demonstrations on Japanese performing arts, will be in its 22nd year in 2020. If you attended the Salon Series, or any of our other programs, then you have experienced transcendence to a special space and time through the graceful classical Japanese dance and other beautiful and intriguing performances offered.


    Our public and community service programs scheduled for 2020 include performances at cultural institutions such as public libraries, cherry blossom festivals at National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC, at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and NJ, also free performances at geriatric centers, and free children’s dance workshops, which will be offered throughout the boroughs of New York City.

    Please visit our website at www.dancejapan.com and make a donation by clicking on “Make a Donation Today” on the right hand column of our homepage, or you can send us a check to Sachiyo Ito and Company 405 West 23rd Street suite 4G, New York, NY 10011.

    With help from loyal friends like you, the Salon Series and our cultural service programs will be possible in 2020, and we will be able to continue to share the beauty of Japanese arts and culture.

    Again, thank you for your support and please pass this message on to your family, friends, and others who may share your passion for Japanese culture and dance, cultural exchange and intercultural understanding.      

With all good wishes,
Sachiyo Ito 
Artistic Director


伊藤さちよ舞踊団はSachiyo Ito and Company 非営利法人団体として1981年の創立以来日本舞踊、文化を通してNY Community に人種を越えての理解、親善の為、ご奉仕のコミュニティサービスを提供してきました。
私達の最大の願いは慈善の公演やワ-クショップが 実り”Making Difference “ し、実際に社会、世界平和へ繋がる事です。
SIAC の運営はボランティアの方々よって支えられています。  行政の助成金、財団基金、企業や個人からの寄付金、お稽古教室の収入によって成り立っているため、寄付を随時受け付けております。

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